County Firedrake was both the most populated and the most dangerous county on the Dragon's Neck Peninsula in Tethyr.[1]


The waters around the peninsula were constantly full of pirates, which made life on this county risk for its citizens.[1]

The many beaches provided perfect opportunities for the trades of glassblowing, fishing, and shipbuilding.[1]


Firedrake rested on the westernmost tip of the peninsula, known as the Dragon's Head. It was one of the counties of the Duchy of Cape Velen, along with Fyraven and Greenshores farther to the east.[4]

The county takes its name from Firedrake Bay, which rested between the Dragon's Neck and Starspire Peninsulas.[5]


Firedrake was governed by Ondul Jarduth in 1370 DR from his manor house of Millvuthan in Velen, but he was often absent, working instead at Tordraken or Faerntarn.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

The haunted city of Velen was the most notable settlement in the county.[3]




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