Firefiend was a unique magic weapon wielded by a tasked slayer genie called the Head Taker.[1]

Firefiend was one of two dangerous swords wielded by the Head Taker, with the other being Widowmaker.[1]


Firefiend was a massive great scimitar.[1]


Despite its size, this sword behaved as a scimitar of speed, allowing the wielder to strike before any opponent. Additional magical properties of Firefiend also made it much more likely for the wielder to strike and harm their opponent.[1]

Once per day, the wielder of Firefiend could self-immolate, causing intense flames to surround both the sword and their body. Anyone coming into contact with the flames, either by being struck by the sword or by touching the wielder's body, were instantly burned. Any metal object that touched the flames risked being melted. The flames also ignited all flammable objects, such as clothing, on contact. The wielder, and all of their possessions, were immune to these magical flames. Additionally, the wielder was completely immune to all normal and magical cold-based attacks while the flames were active. Once activated, this effect lasted for 2-8 minutes before fading away.[1]



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