Firenewts were reptilian humanoids native to volcanic regions, who evolved from lizardfolk and gained the ability to breathe fire.[3]


Firenewts were about the size of a slim human.[3] They appeared like lizardfolk with simpler faces and larger, dark-colored eyes.[8] Their speckled, smooth-scaled skin appeared eel-like[3] and was colored dark reddish brown at their spines and faded to nearly white on their front sides.[3][8] They had long feet, giving them the appearance of "reversed knees", which gave them an advantage while running or leaping.[8]

Firenewt warriors typically wore chain mail and carried longswords, battleaxes, scimitars,[2] or longspears. They were often seen riding upon the backs of giant striders,[3][8] creatures that they believed that Imix sent to aid them, as they were able to breath fire.The firenewts provided shelter and food for them and provided breeding grounds in their lairs for them.[2]


Firenewts required a heated source of water in order to survive and breed. Separation from warm water for more than a tenday would cause a firenewt to slow mentally and physically, eventually entering hibernation.[3][2]

Apart from areas with volcanic activity, firenewts were also living on the sun of Realmspace.[3][9]

Firenewts on striders

Firenewts riding into battle on giant striders.

They worshiped Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire, leading them to be aggressive, wrathful, and cruel[2].


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