The Firestorm Cabal was a loosely organized organization of genasi with chapters in Airspur, Calimport and Memnon.

The Airspur chapter was dedicated to protecting Akanûl and the chapter often did Queen Arathane's dirty work for her. The organization was disliked by many of the lower classes in Airspur but was viewed favorably by the upper classes.[1] The Calimshan chapters were more interested in maintaining the purity of genasi souls. That is, they wanted to prevent Airsoul and Firesoul genasi from mixing with genasi of other manisfestations.[2] While the Airspur chapter had a few non-genasi members the Calimshan chapters were open to only genasi.

History[edit | edit source]

The Firestorm Cabal was founded in Calimshan and the organization later expanded into Airspur. Cabal members were among the first to take up arms during the Second Era of Skyfire.[2]

In 1479 DR the Airspur chapter was infiltrated by the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye. The cult's leader (Murmur) possessed a high ranking officer while she was sleeping and recruited many low-ranking members of the cabal into the cult. Many of the recruits believed the cult was actually part of the cabal and that by joining the cult they were being initiated into a higher order of the cabal. The Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye was eventually destroyed by Demascus and the cabal survived the incident although its headquarters building was destroyed.[1]

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