Firetrees was a small town located in the Greenfields of Unther, East Faerûn, as of 1357 DR.[1]


The town was named after its red-colored trees, that shone in the night with unnatural phosphorescence.[1]

Firetrees was known for its feasts and festivals, and for being one of the most important centers where the cult of Tiamat had more influence than the cult of Gilgeam in Unther.[1]


As of 1357 DR, Firetrees was ruled by Lord Tukulti, a wizard loyal to Gilgeam. However, most people ignored his edicts or openly insulted him.[1]


Firetrees was a farming community and a popular stop for trading caravans, either land-bound or for those ships navigating the River Alamber.[1]


Firetrees was destroyed alongside the rest of Unther during the Spellplague.[2]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Lord Tukulti, ruler of Firetrees in 1357 DR.[1]
  • Tiglath, a high priestess of Tiamat in Unther in the second half of the 14th century DR.[3][4]



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