Firetrees, originally named Durlyndbold and later Raurokh, was a ruined fortress located in eastern Eskorn, Laerakond.[1][2]


The fortress was located in a scorched land of tumbled stones, amid a forest of burned tree trunks and fire-blackened rocks where no new plants could grow, hence its name. The fortress was enveloped in a powerful magic that warped the senses, abilities, and shapes of any living creatures, and mysterious eerie lights drifted about its ruins.[1]


Terrible monsters plagued the land and scholars also believed the place was cursed with a mysterious sentient spell. Unknown to most people, a few tribes of dragonborn also lived in the subterranean ruins of Firetrees since centuries before the Spellplague.[1]


The fortress was built by dwarves in the ancient past of the world of Abeir, and originally was named Durlyndbold. When a sentient spell appeared and began to spread a plague that rotted flesh, the dwarves abandoned Durlyndbold and scattered across Abeir.[1]

The fortress was later reclaimed by the gold dragon Raurokhymdhar, who renamed it Raurokh and transformed it into a dragonborn prison and a laboratory to create more slaves. Among the dragonborn who lived in Raurokh was the legendary hero Shasphur.[1][3]

After the dead of Raurokhymdhar, only a few scattered tribes of dragonborn remained in Raurokh, and the fortress was abandoned and mostly forgotten. Eventually, the people of Eskorn began to call the place Firetrees.[1]


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