The First Crown War was a conflict fought between the elven realms of Aryvandaar and Miyeritar in northwest Faerûn in the 12th millennium before Dalereckoning. It was considered part of the overall Crown Wars and was largely concurrent with the Second Crown War also fought by Aryvandaar.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Following hundreds of futile diplomacy, greedy and impatient rulers of Aryvandaar, led by the Vyshaan clan attacked Miyeritar in −12000 DR, commencing the First Crown War. The Aryvandaarans started pressuring Shantel Othreier to join with them or suffer Miyeritar's fate.[1]

In −11800 DR, Aryvandaar annexed and occupied Miyeritar but had to deal with resistance from clans and strongholds that still held out. Elves of Illefarn, though officially neutral, secretly provided safe havens for elves fleeing Miyeritar.[1]

The ongoing Crown Wars, and the Sable Wars, caused a dramatic influx of elf refugees moving onto and into the Inner Sea, away from the coasts, around −11400 DR. Their migration triggered the first significant conflicts with merfolk and sahuagin.[1]

Finally, in −11300 DR, Aryvandaar fully conquered Miyeritar, ending the First Crown War.[1]

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