The Fishmonger's Fellowship was an informal and friendly collective of fishmongers in Waterdeep who assisted the local fishermen by buying their catches and re-selling them in stalls throughout the city.[1]


Many Waterdhavian fisherman never docked anywhere in Deepwater Harbor, save for the wharf of Seaswealth Hall where they were exempt from docking fees. They sold their eels, crabs, and fish to the guildmaster, a retired fisherman known as Aybrauve "Farfisher", who then sorted, iced, and sent them out in carts to guild members located throughout the city. The distribution of the iced fish was overseen by Waterdeep's City Watch in order to prevent theft.[1]

Any spoiled goods could be sold back to the guildmaster for 1 cp per bucket. The rotten seafood was then sold to the Council of Farmer-Grocers who used it to make fertilizer.[1]


Guild livery consisted of silver caps adorned with blue eyes on either side or silver sashes that were decorated with a single blue eye.[1]


Actual fishermen were not granted membership into the Fishmongers' Fellowship. Members were admitted upon paying a one-time fee of 5 gp and maintained their admittance with an annual payment of 2 gp.[1]



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