Fist of Gond was an evocation spell that was available to the Gondsmen of Faerûn. It was an extremely rare spell, even among the faithful of Gond in Lantan.[1][2]


When cast, this spell encased the caster's arms in a field of force energy. This energy field granted the cleric tremendous strength, comparable to that of a fire giant.[3][note 1] Their punches increased in power and they were capable of punching through armor or stone with ease. The caster's body was protected from any stress or damage that came as a result of the extraneous force.[2]

The duration of the spell lasted for just over half a minute.[2]


The specifications of this spell existed within certain select books in some holy Gondar libraries scattered across Faerûn. One of these tomes, The Argyr, only revealed the secrets of its casting upon the utterance of the secret names of Gond, spoken in a correct order. Upon the correct delivery, illuminated appeared at the top of the tome's last page, outlining how fist of Gond could be cast.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, Fist of Gond required a solid adamantine cube, no side of which was shorter than 1" (2.5 cm) in length, and a diamond worth no less than 500 gp.[2]



  1. Prayers from the Faithful lists in an increase to the caster's strength at a level that was equivalent to fire giants, as per the item girdle of giant strength as listed in the DMG 2e.


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