Fist of stone was a simple transmutation spell[1][2][3] common among practitioners of the province of sand in Zakhara.[5]


The spell allowed the caster to transform one of his or her fists into living stone.[1][2][3] The stone hand could still move enough to pick up and manipulate items[1][2] but not with enough dexterity to complete spells with somatic components.[3] Having a hand of stone was useful for crushing or breaking items[1][2][3] or for making more powerful punching[1][2][3] or grappling attacks.[1][2] It was also particularly useful for smashing the hull of wooden sailing vessels or spelljammers.[6]

The hand did not increase in size or change shape; it simply turned into stone.[1][2] This effect lasted for at least one minute[2][3] but sometimes longer for more powerful wizards.[3]


The spell required at least verbal and somatic components.[1][2][3] The somatic components were complicated and ended with punching the air with the fist to be transmuted. Some variations of fist of stone also required a small stone inscribed with a fist icon for use as a material component.[1][2]



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