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The Fist of the Future was a fortress in the city of Hill's Edge that was converted to a temple in the name of Cyric during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


The exterior of the temple-fortress was adorned with massive black banners bearing the holy symbol of Cyric, the Dark Sun.[1]


High Dark Priestess Emana Gortho used resources from the Zhentarim to attract many deranged, unscrupulous, or otherwise down-and-out individuals to join the ranks of Cyric's faithful. She directed them to amass weapons of war for a planned assault against the Cry of Joy, the local temple to Lliira, with the ultimate goal of taking control of the city.[1]


Circa the Year of the Staff, 1366 DR, the Cyricists' plans to destroy the Lliiran temple had been repeatedly thwarted, presumably by local Harper agents.[1]


Within a short time after its founding, the temple attracted hundreds of individuals to the Cyricist faith. As congregations went, they were self-serving and wholly undisciplined, but ultimately very dangerous.[1]