The Five Flagons Inn was a three-floored inn in the Guards District[1] of Athkatla that was known for its entertainment. It was mainly occupied by wealthy customers.[2]


The inn had three floors, although the top floor and cellar floor were a lot larger than the serving room. The entrance led to the service room, which had a typical bar and sold a variety of beverages. The bar room joined onto Uda's kitchen, which contained several counters and two cooking stoves.[2]

The cellar floor had many rooms. The entryway held a ticket booth, where customers could purchase tickets for the theater. The main room held a large stage, with many props such as a musical harp. Behind the stage was the actor's prep room, which contained dressers and make-up stands. The final room was a fairly big storage area, and was connected to both the theater and prep room.[2]

The top floor was very large, and could accommodate many patrons. The master bedroom contained a luxury bed, living area and a grand piano. Its walls were adorned with many expensive paintings. The intermediate room contained two large canvassed wagons, which had been turned into decorations. It also contained a pipe organ and storage boxes. As well as numerous bedrooms, there was a couple of dining areas.[2]


The inn had a standard bar, manned by the enthusiastic halfling Samuel Thunderburp. He claimed that they had every beverage in Faerûn, but they actually had quite a limited selection. The tavern rented out rooms of all standards, and accommodated for everyone, from peasants to nobles.[2]

The main attraction was the underground theater, where three to four actors would perform for customers, particularly wealthy nobles.[2]



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