A flail is a one-handed, martial melee weapon.

See also: Heavy flail and Dire flail


A flail consists of a haft about two feet (60cm) long[2] with a heavy metal ball or rod attached by chain to the end of the haft. The ball or rod is often spiked. An average flail costs 8gp and weighs 5lbs (2.3kg).[3]

In 1st and 2nd edition D&D, this weapon is called the horseman's flail.[4][5]


Military flails evolved from tools used to thresh grain. These lighter flails are typically used as one-handed weapons from horseback but there is a heavy flail and a dire flail for infantry that require two hands. Flails can be used to trip an opponent and the flexible chain increases the chance of entangling an enemy weapon and disarming them.[6]

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Flails are often used by priests although several warriors of note, including the genasi Cephas preferred the flail to other weapons.[7]

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Flail of Ages
from Baldur's Gate (game)


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