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The Flail of Ages was a powerful multi-headed flail, each of whose heads did different kinds of damage. It also grew in power according to the number of heads currently on it.[1][2]


It was originally created by a group of rakshasa for use in different sorts of battles.[1]

Around 1368 DR, it was in the possession of Lord de'Arnise (the father of Nalia de'Arnise). He was in possession of the handle and the fire, ice, and acid heads, which he kept hidden separately in his castle.[1]

If Gorion's Ward embarked on the quest to free de'Arnise Hold from trolls, they would have the chance to assemble the flail at a magical forge also hidden in the castle; its acid and fire heads made it useful against trolls. The handle could then be combined with any number of heads in any combination. Each head added its own kind of damage and to the magical strength of the weapon, and once all were attached, the flail also gained a chance to slow opponents.[1]

Later, a further two heads for the flail could be found, and attached by Cespenar, doing electrical and poison damage and further increasing the weapon's potency. With both attached, the flail gained the further ability to grant freedom of movement and a slight magic resistance, and the extra damage from each head was doubled in power.[2]



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