Flame shield was a divine magic spell available to druids of Eldath, the Goddess of Singing Waters. It created an intangible barrier attached to the caster's hand that extinguished normal and magical fires. The shield could be passed to others.[1]


When cast, this spell caused a shield that pulsated with darkness to come into existence at the tips of the caster's fingers on one hand. The flame shield was 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, similar to a tower shield, and lasted for five minutes (longer for more experienced casters). The shield was intangible, weightless, and transparent enough to see through.[1]

The flame shield extinguished small normal fires (candles, torches, flaming oil, flaming arrows, campfires) when touched. Larger fires were reduced in size wherever the shield came in contact, but if not completely extinguished, could resurge. The flame shield snuffed out a flame blade on contact and absorbed half the damage of a fireball that engulfed the shield. At least some versions of flame strike could be completely canceled if the shield was held overhead to intercept the pillar of fire. Taking a direct hit from flame strike ended this spell as they canceled each other, otherwise it reduced the blast by half.[1]

Objects, missiles, and body parts could pass through the shield without harm or impediment, but any part of a flaming weapon that passed through the shield was rendered flameless as long as any part of the weapon remained in contact with the shield. Therefore, a flaming sword could still injure a wielder of the shield, but not cause any burns or ignition of materials.[1]

Another aspect of this spell was that hypnotic pattern or other flame-related illusions had no effect when viewed through a flame shield.[1]

The flame shield could be passed to another creature if the recipient was willing. The caster had to touch the creature's hand with the hand that held the shield and cause it to transfer by force of will. Other than this, no concentration was required to maintain this spell.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a drop of mercury, a bit of phosphorous, and a cobweb to cast.[1]


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