Located in Eltabbar, the Flaming Brazier was the largest temple of Kossuth, the Firelord.[1]


The Flaming Brazier was an immense basalt building. It's yellow and orange high-ceilinged chambers were lit by countless devotional fires. The high double doors leading to more secluded chambers were adorned with scenes inlaid with jewels and precious metals showing Kossuth, spiked chain in hands, smiting his great enemy Istishia, King of the Water Elementals.[2]


In 1375 DR, Iphegor Nath was High Flamelord of the order and resided in the Flaming Brazier. The High Flamelord employed several fire genasi warlocks to defend his temple and, on occasion, perform special missions in the name of Kossuth. It was believed that Nath brokered a deal between the genasi and the primal fire elemental known as Sthes'kthes. In return for serving the elemental and his master Kossuth, the genasi were granted warlock powers. The four warlocks—Arthek, Duron, Canthel, and Dzivir—were known for their fire-related invocations and equally fiery tempers. [3]



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