The Flaming Tower, also known as the Tower of Flame, was a massive ruined tower on the northern border of Daggerdale.[1]


The tower was built on the southern edge of the Border Forest, less than fifteen miles northwest of Dagger Falls.[1]


The tower was squat and made of solid black granite. Following the tower's destruction, these walls would be both physically and magically reinforced. An elevated bonfire rested upon its roof, from which the tower's name was derived.[2]

Every 10 ft (3 m) along the outer walls of the tower, at a height of 5 ft (1.5 m), were arrow slits.[2] The front entrance to the tower was a 20 ft (6.1 m) tall door made of hardwood and reinforced steel.[3]


Ceilings throughout the tower rooms had ceilings that were over 25 ft (7.6 m) tall and they were each constructed with an encircling hallway.[2]

On the first floor of the tower was an armory, stable, gathering hall, and kitchen. This kitchen had a large chimneyless fireplace, vented through magic, as well as a small spit and double oven. Its shelves were filled with a variety of vegetables and spices. Adjacent to it was a storage room for perishable fruits, vegetables, and meat that were all kept magically cool by a large patch of brown mold.[3]

On the second floor of the tower was located the barracks, privy, and an activity room. Here guards practiced, lounged, or played games. The third floor of the tower held the leader's quarters and conference room, as well as seven rooms used for additional storage.[3]

The top floor of the tower had large ballista, each mounted upon a rotating wooden disk, positioned at each corner. In the center was a large signal fire, resting atop a 15 ft (4.6 m) tall elevated platform, with wood soaked in oil. Scattered around the signal fire were four piles of 35 boulders for the fire giants to throw at intruders. And finally, it had a large barbecue pit from which the fire giants would spit-roast whole animal carcasses.[3]


The tower was originally built by fire giants as a base to terrorize the surrounding lands. They ruled the area for many years but eventually left.[1]

The tower later became populated by Zhentilar. The Temple in the Sky, a floating citadel, was tethered to the tower.[1] In 1350 DR the Knights of Myth Drannor destroyed the tower, leaving it in ruins and setting the temple loose.[4]

Xvimlar Zhentilar forces reoccupied the ruins of the Flaming Tower, taking over from Cyricists[5] after the Cyrinishad debacle, and recovered the Temple in the Sky, setting it to float once more overhead.[1] By 1369 DR, the tower was in its final stages of being rebuilt and was used as a signal base for the Citadel of the Raven.[6] However, the Xvimlar later came into conflict with members of the Church of Bane.[5]

After Zhentil Keep was destroyed by the shadovar in the Shadowbane War, the Flaming Tower came to be occupied by members of the Eldreth Veluuthra, who hoped to drive out Daggerdale's humans.[7]


In the late-14th century DR, the tower was occupied by over seventy five Zhentarim warriors, four magelings, three priests, and five fire giants.[6] Around this time it was being overseen by Pitsmin Finival.[2] They also had about six warhorses within their stables around this time.[3]




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