The Flaming Tower, also known as the Tower of Flame, was a massive ruined tower on the northern border of Daggerdale.[1]


The tower was built on the southern edge of the Border Forest[1] less than fifteen miles northwest of Dagger Falls.


The tower was squat and made of some black material.[2]


The tower was originally built by fire giants as a base to terrorize the surrounding lands. They ruled the area for many years but eventually left.[1]

The tower later became populated by Zhentilar. The Temple in the Sky, a floating citadel, was tethered to the tower until the Knights of Myth Drannor destroyed the tower, leaving it in ruins and setting the temple loose.[1]

Xvimlar Zhentilar forces reoccupied the ruins of the Flaming Tower, taking over from Cyricists[2] after the Cyrinishad debacle, and recovered the Temple in the Sky, setting it to float once more overhead.[1] However, the Xvimlar later came into conflict with members of the Church of Bane.[2]

After Zhentil Keep was destroyed by the shadovar in the Shadowbane War, the Flaming Tower came to be occupied by members of the Eldreth Veluuthra, who hoped to drive out Daggerdale's humans.[3]




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