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Flandal Steelskin (pronounced: /ˈflɑːndɑːlFLAN-dahl[8]) was the gnomish god of mining and smithing, an excellent craftsman with an unerring nose for finding metals in the earth. He was physically strong, and no stranger to battle. He helped forge Arumdina, the intelligent battleaxe of Garl Glittergold, so Flandal often had the pantheon leaders' ear as needed. He was also concerned with the skills of gnomes working as artisans and craftsmen of all kinds.[8]

Flandal would, rarely, send an avatar to instruct gnomes in some very tricky smithing process, or to guide them to untapped metal ores. He might also send an avatar to deal with any disputes between gnomes and fire-dwelling creatures.[8] His omens were always fiery, involving sudden flares of fire in forge or hearth or in small jets of flame moving around on a bare floor or earth. Pyromancy was practiced by many of his priests.[citation needed]


The symbol of Flandal Steelskin.

Flandel Steelskin's church was organized similarly to a guild serving mostly as a forum to enable gnomes to improve their skills as craftsmen. Most clergy were master smiths and were known for producing exceptional armor and weapons. His priests prayed for spells at noon when the forge of the world was hottest.[8]

Flandel Steelskin's holy day was the High Forge celebrated on Midsummer day when the faithful gathered to sacrifice weapons and sing percussive hymns.[8]


Flandel was on good terms with the other gnomish deities with the exception of Urdlen. He also counted Gond and the good aligned gods of the dwarven pantheon as allies. He was opposed to the kobold pantheon as well as other humanoid deities.[8]


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