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Flesh renders were savage and ravenous evil outsiders of demonic origins who existed to slaughter all living things. A furious render variety of the monster was known to infest Lolth's Demonweb Pits in the Abyss.[1][2]

Flesh Render. The name does it justice. I remember the first time I saw one, summoned forth from some nether pit of Fernia or Mabar. Actually, my memory of the encounter was brief; most of it centered around the long recovery period in a temple of the Silver Flame. But enough about that. Trust me when I say that I've conducted extensive interviews with those who've dealt with these foes and lived to talk about it. And I'm sure that Polocles, the most forthcoming of my subjects, continues to have a fulfilling life as a counselor to fellow maimed adventurers.
— Excerpt from the personal journal of Azalai Korias of Eberron, 5 Barrakas, 998[1]


Flesh renders were horrifying lanky creatures that resembled large humanoids that towered over the prey. They had skeletal double-jointed limbs and bodies covered in stubbly fur. Their huge twisted horns were dull red in color, protruding from a head that resembled an elongated fanged animal skull. A deadly tail of these creatures constantly dripped ichor – a deadly poison. Renders' sharp claws constantly clacked with malevolence in anticipation of rising another victim to shreds.[1][2]


Renders slaughtered all living things without prejudice, leaving nothing but carnage, viscera, stench of spilled blood, and eery silence in their wake.[1][2]


Renders' demonic nature gave them tough hide that reduced damage from most attacks and gave them unnatural natural resistance to cold and fire, also rendering them completely immune to all poisons, resistant to magic. Some extremely rare renders possessed vorpal claws.[1][2]

The most useful attacks against flesh renders were electricity magics such as ball lightning or lightning bolt, and weapons blessed with radiant or divine energy. Furthermore, the most powerful in the flesh render hierarchy, dukes and royals, could only be harmed by weapons formed of cold iron and blessed. Those renders who were summoned to other planes were also vulnerable to dismissal and banishment.[1][2]


Flesh renders were deadly creatures that relentlessly raked their opponents with filthy claws, leaving the victims infected, pierced them with their poison-spewing tails, and showered them with spells. These creatures could not be surprised nor flanked.[1][2]

Each variety of flesh renders, each individual with its own name, title, and authority, had access to different selections of magics.[1][2]


Flesh renders did not belong on the Prime Material plane and could be summoned from the Abyss or Shavarath via magic or unloved by a powerful abyssal entity. Flesh render could be found in solitude or in devastating groups of two to five creatures.[1][2]


In the late 15th century DR, during the Darkening, in which Lolth and her drow servants sought to destroy Eveningstar and claim the "Thread of the Weave," the Spider Queen released a number of furious renders from the Demonweb Pits into the King's Forest in Cormyr.[2]