Flesh to stone was a spell that caused the target, to be turned into a mindless, inert, stone statue.[9][5][3][10] The reverse form, stone to flesh, could restore a body thus afflicted back to life, though there was a chance that it might not survive the shock of this transition. If applied to ordinary stone, the spell created the corresponding amount of dead flesh.[5][4] This spell, or its reverse form, could be stored in rods, so that the spell could be cast without components.[11]


The target and all that it wore would be turned to stone and if the statue was damaged and the spell removed the target came out just as damaged.[5][3][10] Flesh to stone had a range of at least 100 ft (30 m).[3][10]


This spell needed vocal and somatic components, lime and water and earth.[9][5][3][10] Stone to flesh required very small amounts of earth and blood.[5]


The reverse form of this spell, stone to flesh, was attributed to Netherese arcanist Mavin in −465 DR and was originally known as Mavin's stone-flesh transmution.[1]


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