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Floating eyes were a rare, small species of fish.[1][2]


These fish had a transparency to their body that made them practically invisible while in the water. The only visible portion of them while in water was their single, large eye.[1][2] This had a milky-white hue with a large black pupil[1] and measured about 3 inches (0.076 meters) in diameter.[1][2]

Floating eyes swam at very rapid speeds.[1]


These fish had a very mild demeanor and were relatively non-aggressive.[1]


To those who gazed into it, tiny bolts of light appeared to streak out of the floating eye's pupil every few seconds. Any creature within 30 feet (9.1 meters) of a floating eye[1] that gazed into its pupil could potentially be hypnotized, becoming paralyzed.[1][2] Upon death their eyes lost this trait.[1]


These fish were very poor fighters. They relied primarily upon their defensive ability and other predatory creatures.[1][2]


Floating eyes swam in schools of over a dozen or fewer members. At birth they abandoned their young.[1]


Floating eyes were a carnivorous species of fish. They primarily fed upon small species that they would hypnotize,[1][2] having a preference for brine and plankton.[1] Though they would also feast upon the scraps left by other predatory species eating the creatures they paralyzed.[1][2] If particularly lacking in food, they would resort to eating their young.[1]


These creatures could be found in a wide variety of saltwater oceans.[1][2]

On Toril, floating eyes were primarily known to be found in the waters around Ravens Bluff.[3]


Many aquatic predatory species lived in a symbiotic relationship with floating eyes — such as manta rays, piranhas, and sharks — traveling with their schools and feasting upon the creatures they paralyzed.[1]


Some adventurers were known to have tried capturing floating eyes to use them for their paralyzing ability. There was no known usage for their eyes, though many alchemists still sought them out in hopes of discovering one.[1]