Alcimer's flying fist was an evocation spell that formed a small, invisible hand which could perform tasks which required little strength or dexterity.[1]


A ball of magical force took the shape of a gloved hand and could only be seen by the caster or those with the ability to see invisible objects. The wizard did not need to maintain concentration on the spell and it would move according to mental commands within the range of the spell. The hand could perform the following simple actions:

  • Catch small (1 lb or 2.2 kg) falling, floating or flying objects and carry them for a brief time.
  • Shove or slap an opponent, possibly disrupting their next attack.
  • Attack an opponent, possibly causing a tiny amount of damage.

The flying fist could be dissipated by taking a small amount of damage. It could not pass through anything solid and had to remain within range of the caster or be destroyed.[1]


This spell only required verbal and somatic components.[1]


This spell was invented by a mage named Alcimer who proudly taught it to anyone who had the aptitude to cast it. It became so popular that eventually his name was dropped and it was referred to as just flying fist.[1]


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