Flyndagol was an isolated city in Durpar in the Shining Lands in 1367 DR.[2]


Located in the far northwest corner of Durpar, Flyndagol sat on the west bank of the River Xon. Its close proximity to Raurin and the A-Ling Shan mountains made it a dangerous place to live.[1]

Temperatures in and around Flyndagol were uncomfortably hot compared to the other cities of Durpar.[2]


Trade between Flyndagol and the elves of the Ajmer Forest was common. Flyndagol was also the first line of defense against any attack from Ulgarth or orcs from the Mountains of War.[2]

Because of the intense daytime heat, most businesses in Flyndagol opened after noon and stayed opened well into the night. Most of the streets and shops were lit via continual light spells to eliminate any added heat from conventional light sources.[2]


Flyndagol maintained a standing force of 1,000 soldiers. Because of the amicable trade relations, the elves of the Ajmer provided skilled archers for military support as well. [2]



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