Foo lions were a variety of foo creature.[1][2][3] They were seen as symbols of strength and courage in Kara-Tur[1][3] and by good beings across the planes.[2]


Like all foo creatures, foo lions were four-legged beasts with large, flat heads and big eyes,[1][2][6] with leonine bodies about seven feet long.[1][2] Foo lions had a shaggy mane about their necks.[1][2][3] Their tails were longer and their mouths larger than those of foo dogs.[1][2][3][6] Their thick fur was usually gold, black,[1][2][3][6] or orange.[1][2][3]

Foo lions sometimes decorated their manes with peonies.[1]


Foo lions had all the supernatural abilities of other foo creatures. When they roared consistently for over a minute, the sound would occasionally summon one or two additional foo lions to their aid.[1][2][5][6]

Foo lions were exceptionally intelligent.[1][2][5][6]


Foo lions had similar personalities to other foos,[1][2] but they were especially known for their patience.[2]

Foo lions and foo dogs did not usually associate with each other, though they had no animosity towards each other.[1][2]


Foo lions attacked with tooth and claw, which caused more harm to evil creatures than non-evil ones.[1][2][6] Foo lions who were outmatched were likely to retreat to regroup. They favored sneak attacks and siege tactics more than foo dogs tended to.[2]


In their extraplanar homes, foo lions lived either alone or in groups known as prides.[1][2] They spoke their own language and the language of foo dogs. They could also speak the languages of those humanoids with whom they frequently interacted.[1][2]


Foo lions ate all manner of inorganic material, including gems and precious metals, especially enjoying silver and platinum.[1][2]


Traditionally, statues of foo lions guarded the homes of many official buildings in Kara-Tur. Some of these statues were enchanted by wu jen as a means of communicating with lions in their home planes and requesting aid.[1] The lions did not always answer, however.[2]

Kara-Turran nobles and military officials often embroidered emblems of foo lions into their robes.[1] The same was done by military officials in the Beastlands and Mount Celestia.[2]

Foo lions were once servants of the goddess Tyche.[7]



  1. 3rd-edition Oriental Adventures suggests using the stats for a celestial dire lion for a foo lion, which has a CR of 7, but this does not account for the invisibility, Astral plane, Ethereal plane, and summoning powers of the foo lionshared in earlier editions.



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