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Forest hags were a subspecies of green hags that inhabited the the King's Forest of Cormyr.[1]


Forest hags appeared to be lanky, almost skeletal monstrous humanoid women of similar weight and height to an average human, with green skin and long dirty hair, dressed in torn scraps and wearing jewelry and trinkets made of bone. Their mouths were filled with misshapen browned teeth, appendages ended in blood red claws, and eyes glowed with malicious radiance.[1]


Like other hags, forest hags took on the guise of a mortal humanoid to lure their victims to their doom. They had access to magic and could render themselves hard to grasp via a spell-like ability to turn blurry. They were vulnerable to magic and cold iron.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, a number of forest hags lurked in the King's Forest south of the village of Eveningstar in Cormyr. One notable elder forest hag, Grundlehin, and her coven including the night hag Frelga, laired in a deep dark cavern underneath a ravaged farmhouse outside of Eveningstar. Her coven was confronted by a band of adventurers from Eberron after the War Wizard Barthand disappeared into the cavern.[1]



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