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Forest Landwyrms were a variety of dragon that inhabited forests. They were regarded as the noblest of landwyrms.[1]


Like all landwyrms, forest landwyrms lacked wings, but had large and powerful jaws, alongside clawed fore and hind limbs.[2] They had brown and green mottled skin, which took aspects of yellow or red in autumn and winter. When threatened, forest landwyrms could expand a leafy frill of scales from their necks, making themselves appear larger.[1]


They were able to call upon a commune with nature effect daily.[1] They were excellent trackers.[2]


Forest landwyrms saw themselves as protectors of their woodland territory. They took only what they needed to survive, and ruthlessly hunted down enemy predators. They brooked no competitors in their territory, and chased out animals, vermin, and even humanoids who encroached therein. However, they could parley with those who were willing to show themselves to be no threat;[1] in such cases, the landwyrm was a source of great wisdom about its environment.[2] More rarely, landwyrms could become unofficial protectors of gnome villages.[1]


The threat a forest landwyrm posed was mainly physical: they were capable of burrowing through the ground or climbing trees, and they often employed such skills for ambushing their foes. This was easy for them, since their hide blended almost perfectly with their home forest. Forest landwyrms were so adapted to their environment that forest foliage provided no concealment against them. They also possessed the frightful presence common to true dragons.[1] Landwyrms were willing to flee combat that went poorly, only to attack again later.[2]


In Aerilpar Forest, the Imaskari army suffered a defeat at the hands of the local forest landwyrms in −6788 DR.[3]

Notable Forest Landwyrms[]

  • Nygethrokantos




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