The Forest of Lethyr was one of the two forests that comprised the borders of the Great Dale, the other being Rawlinswood. Lethyr was the southern border and separated it from Thesk (which claimed the trees south of the River Flam[3]). The forest was guarded by druids and rangers as well as a few treants.[2]

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The forest was once connected to the Rawlinswood, and together they were known as the Riildath.[5] The Riildath was home to the elven realm of Lethyr until the fair folk were driven into the southern half by the men who would go on to found the Empire of Narfell.[6] The Great Glacier's expansion down a valley within its woods split the forest into two and the trees never regrew after the ice retreated back to the north.[7]

The Forest of Lethyr, as it came to be known, saw very little settlement for many centuries afterward, though its southern reaches were extensively logged.[3] In 1371 DR, however, after being forced out of the Rawlinswood by the Rotting Man, the druids and rangers of the Circle of Leth took up residence in Yeshelmaar to defend the forest from outside threats.[3]

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