Forest of Wyrms

The Forest of Wyrms

The Forest of Wyrms (known as Ss'kowlyn'raa by the yuan-ti[1]) is a forest in the Western Heartlands. The air in the forest is cool and damp, and mists cover some areas of the ground.[2]


The forest's name is derived from the population of green dragons who inhabit the eastern side of the forest. They tend not to stray too close to the western side because of the proximity of Soubar and the likelihood of encountering adventurers nearby, but some younger or bolder dragons have been found in this area.[3] Dragon slayers tend to come here to hunt these great beasts.[4]


It contains many tall redwood trees[5], some with trunks more than 20 feet (6m) in diameter. There is not much vegetation on the forest floor and the terrain is mostly smooth.[6]Helmthorn brush grows dense in the forest.[7]


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The forest was once part of the elven realm of Shantel Othreier.[8] Adventurers and Harpers used to journey into the forest to battle a lich at Lyran's Hold.[4]


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Snake-Infested ForestEdit

This forest is now part of Najara. Despite the underlying rocky terrain, the Forest of Wyrms is composed of great redwoods and thick pines that soar to staggering heights. All manner of serpents reside therein. Small communities of yuan-ti are common, and the place is home to several youthful green dragons, whose alliance with the yuan-ti is tenuous at best. Several locations of interest lie in the forest, including Ss'thar'tiss'ssun, one of the most ancient ruins in Faerûn, and Thlohtzin, an old lich stronghold turned slave citadel by its new yuan-ti residents. Although most steer clear of the ancient ruin, sinister human and tiefling slavers travel to Thlohtzin to sell their merchandise for ancient gold. The slaves are then reapportioned throughout Najara.[citation needed]



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