The Forgotten Forest lay in a vale between Evereska's Shaeradim to the east, and the Graypeak Mountains forty miles to the west. The Marsh of Chelimber was south of the forest, and to the north were the Lonely Vale and the Graycloak Hills.[1]


The forest was made up of overgrown and ancient oak, walnut, and shadowtop trees. The thick foliage of the forest was cast in continual shadow.[2]

The forest's shadows contained an easy area of access to the Plane of Shadow.[3]


The forest was inhabited by a large population of treants, indeed believed to be the greatest of the North. These treants, in turn, were aware of the nearby populations of phaerimm and knew of their continuous historic attempts to invade the forest.[2][3][4]

Fey creatures were believed to inhabit the forest, among them sprites, korreds, and unicorns.[2][5]

The immortal druid of Silvanus, Pheszeltan, inhabited the deepest reaches of the forest and only spoke to people capable of reaching him, but offered advice to those capable of doing so.[2][4][5]


In 1471 DR, Melegaunt Tanthul and his associates entered the forest for the purpose of traveling through its shadow paths and thereby quickly visit the ruins of Dekanter. Here they were confronted by the local treants, represented by their ruler Fuorn,[2] who denied them access to the woods as they found Tanthul's shadow magic unnatural. In an attempt to attain the treants' favor, Tanthul gifted them with a shadowstorm seed to aid in the defense of the forest against the phaerimm and other threats. This gift was accepted by the treants, but they nonetheless still denied Tanthul entry and instead offered him and his associates the warning that shadow dragons, believed to be the offspring of the dragon Shimmergloom, had begun inhabiting the shadowed ways in the regions north of the forest, the Bleached Bones Pass within the Greypeak Mountains in particular.[3]



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