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Forgotten Realms is a series of comic books originally published by DC Comics.


In 1989, DC Comics began publishing the Forgotten Realms comic series, written by Jeff Grubb. Each issue contained twenty-six pages, illustrated primarily by Rags Morales and Dave Simons.[2] The 19 issues produced by Morales were his first professional works. Tom Raney illustrated issues #17 and #20. Elliot S. Maggin served as an editor for DC from 1989 to 1991 and oversaw the licensed TSR, Inc. titles, including Forgotten Realms. Twenty-five issues were published in total, with the last being released in 1991.

Kim Yale served as an editor for DC from 1991–1993 and oversaw their licensed titles.[3] Grubb wrote all 25 issues.[4] An anthologie, Annual: Waterdhavian Nights, illustrated by various artists, was released in 1990.


Issue Story Arc Title Published
#1 The Hand of Vaprak! I The Ogre's Paw 1989
#2 The Hand of Vaprak! II Converging Lines 1989
#3 The Hand of Vaprak! III The Great Game 1989
#4 The Hand of Vaprak! IV Fools Rush In 1989
#5 The Dragonreach Saga I The Dragon in the Dale 1989
#6 The Dragonreach Saga II Dragonspawn 1990
#7 The Dragonreach Saga III Dragonsmoker 1990
#8 The Dragonreach Saga IV Dragons (and Other Beasts) 1990
#9 The Morning After 1990
#10 Head Cheeeese 1990
#11 Triangles I Jasmine 1990
#12 Triangles II Rivals 1990
#13 Triangles III Trial 1990
#14 Liches in Love 1990
Annual: Waterdhavian Nights 1990
#15 Fallen Idols I Possessions 1990
#16 Fallen Idols II Mad Gods and Paladins 1990
#17 Fallen Idols III Divine Rights 1990
#18 Fallen Idols IV On Earth as it is in Heaven 1991
#19 Anauroch I Picking up the Pieces 1991
#20 Anauroch II Temptations 1991
#21 Anauroch III Cannibal Girls 1991
#22 Anauroch IV Cat Logic 1991
#23 Unreal Estate 1991
#24 Everybody Wants to Run the Realms 1991
#25 The Wake of the Realms Master 1991


Title Published
Forgotten Realms Classics Omnibus Volume 1 2014
Forgotten Realms Classics Omnibus Volume 2 2014

Dragon Magazine[]

Two short stories published in Dragon magazine continues the tale begun in the Forgotten Realms comics.


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