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The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting was published in 2001 by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. It is a Forgotten Realms campaign sourcebook for use with the 3rd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The book was written by Ed Greenwood, Sean K. Reynolds, Skip Williams, and Rob Heinsoo, with the contributions of members of the Wizards company staff. The book is 320 pages in length, illustrated in color, and hardbound.

In 2002, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting won the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game Supplement of 2001.

Dark perils and great deeds await

Welcome to Faerûn, a land of high magic, terrifying monsters, ancient ruins, and hidden wonders. From the forbidding forests of the Silver Marches to the teeming cities of the Inner Sea, Faerûn encompasses shining kingdoms, monster-infested wastes, endless caverns, and sinister citadels. The Forgotten Realms® Campaign Setting presents the most comprehensive fantasy world ever described!

This book contains all the details you need to play Dungeons & Dragons® adventures in the Forgotten Realms setting:

  • A new full-color poster map of Faerûn.
  • Dozens of new races, feats, and prestige classes for your characters.
  • The Faerûnian pantheon, including over 100 deities and powers.
  • Highly detailed regions, new monsters, mysterious sites, and two short adventures to begin your campaign.


Elminster, as illustrated by Sam Wood.

This is the third-edition release of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons and a number of changes were made since the previous books were published by the former TSR, Inc. The most important update was to incorporate the significant revisions to the game system with the 3rd-edition update. Various regional feats, character attributes, prestige classes, spells, and NPC statistics all used the new rule set.

The work also made some notable updates to the campaign setting, including the widespread presence of Red Wizard enclaves in various cities, the presence of a mysterious group called the Shadovar in the southern Anauroch desert, and the increasing surface presence of drow in the Dalelands. The setting history was updated to reflect the various major events, such as the changes to the Faerûnian pantheon since the Time of Troubles and the defeat of the Tuigan Horde.

The book was organized into nine chapters, covering in broad detail the campaign setting. The primary emphasis was on the continent of Faerûn, and the other continents of Toril were only briefly mentioned.

In addition to the nine chapters, this work includes two short adventures and a number of maps, including a fold-out map of the continent of Faerûn. There are also many sidebar topics and tables.



A summary of the Forgotten Realms for new players and old alike, as well as stats for the Realms' oldest character, Elminster Aumar.

Chapter 1: Characters[]

Perendra Raslemtar, an example of Faerûn's archmage prestige class.

How to create a player character for the setting in summary. This includes new races such as planetouched, as well as new subraces for core races, such as drow or gold dwarves, information on incorporating core classes, regional feats, religions, and setting-specific prestige classes such as arcane devotees, harper scouts, or red wizards. The chapter also includes tips for converting characters built for the then-core setting of Greyhawk into characters suitable for the Realms.


humandwarf (gold dwarfgray dwarfshield dwarf)elf (drowmoon elfsun elfwild elfwood elf)gnome (deep gnomerock gnome)half-elfhalf-orchalfling (ghostwise halflinglightfoot halflingstrongheart halfling)planetouched (aasimargenasitiefling)



Prestige Classes[]

arcane devoteearchmagedivine championdivine discipledivine seekerguild thiefHarper scouthathranhierophantPurple Dragon knightRed Wizardrunecastershadow adept

Chapter 2: Magic[]

An explanation of how magic, both arcane and divine, operates in this setting and a number of unique aspects of magic. A few additional spells are provided, primarily to support the new domains.


air domainanimal domaincavern domainchaos domaincharm domaincraft domaindarkness domaindeath domaindestruction domaindrow domaindwarf domainearth domainelf domainevil domainfamily domainfate domainfire domaingnome domaingood domainhalfling domainhatred domainhealing domainillusion domainknowledge domainlaw domainluck domainmagic domainmentalism domainmetal domainmoon domainnobility domainocean domainorc domainplanning domainplant domainportal domainprotection domainrenewal domainretribution domainrune domainscalykind domainslime domainspell domainspider domainstorm domainstrength domainsuffering domainsun domaintime domaintrade domaintravel domaintrickery domaintyranny domainundeath domainwar domainwater domain


Aganazzar's scorcheranalyze portalanyspellarmor of darknessblacklightclaws of darknesscloak of dark powercreate magic tattoodarkbolteagle's splendorElminster's evasionfantastic machinefire strideflashburstflensinggate sealgembombgreat shoutgreater anyspellgreater fantastic machineGrimwald's graymantlelesser ironguardmaelstrommaw of stonemoon blademoon pathmoonbeammoonfirescattersprayshadow maskshadow spraySnilloc's snowball swarmspider cursespider shapesspiderformstone spidersthunderlancewaterspout

The Calendar of Harptos, the unique calendar employed by the folk of the Realms.

Chapter 3: Life in Faerûn[]

A general overview of life, lore, culture, and commerce in this setting. Information is also provided for timekeeping and for simulating local economics and climate conditions in the Realms.


aspergillumbandoleerchessdraughtsold men's bonestalishammockinsect nettingmarblespotion beltscroll organizeralchemical sleep gasdisappearing inkcassilnararootpowderhornpowderkegscentbreakerblade bootchakramclaw bracercutlasskhopeshmaulsaberscourge

Chapter 4: Geography[]

Each of the significant regions of the continent is explored, along with places of interest, cities, politics, and significant individuals, such as Drizzt Do'Urden or the Seven Sisters.

How the scholars of Toril saw their world.

AnaurochChultan Peninsula (ChultTashalarSamarachThindol)Cold Lands (DamaraNarfellVaasaSossal)CormyrDalelands (ArchendaleBattledaleCormanthorDaggerdaleDeepingdaleFeatherdaleHarrowdaleHigh DaleMistledaleScardaleShadowdaleTasseldale)Dragon CoastHordelandsIsland Kingdoms (EvermeetLantanMoonshae IslesNelanther IslesNimbral)Lake of Steam (Lapaliiya)Lands of Intrigue (AmnCalimshanTethyr)Moonsea (The RideTharTortured Land)The North (High ForestSavage FrontierSilver MarchesSword Coast NorthWaterdeep)Old Empires (ChessentaMulhorandUnther)SembiaShining South (Great RiftHalruaaLuirenShaarDambrathDurparEstagundRethildVar the GoldenVeldorn)Unapproachable East (AglarondGreat DaleImpilturRashemenThayThesk)UnderdarkThe VastVilhon Reach (ChondathSespechTurmish)Western HeartlandsKara-TurMazticaZakharaSea of Night (SelûneDawn HeraldsFive Wanderers)

Chapter 5: Deities[]

A listing of the major deities of the Faerûnian pantheon, along with a brief description of the Realms' cosmology. Several new domains are introduced, with the incumbent spells listed in Chapter 2: Magic.


Chapter 6: History[]

This is an overview of the detailed history of this setting, with a lengthy time line at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 7: Organizations[]

The secret society of the Harpers played a major role for good in the Realms.

Groups, cults, and other organizations play an important role in the realms, and several of the most significant are detailed herein such as the Harpers or Zhentarim.

Cult of the DragonEmerald EnclaveFire KnivesHarpersLords' AllianceMalaugrymsPeople of the Black BloodRed WizardsSeven SistersShadesXanathar's GuildZhentarim

Adventure: The Color of Ambition[]

In this short sample adventure module for low-level characters, the players seek to determine the schemes of a Red Wizard enclave opperating near a small town.

Chapter 8: Running the Realms[]

This chapter provides useful advice for the game referee or "dungeon master" trying to run an adventure or campaign in this setting.

Adventure: Green Bones[]

In this short sample adventure module for advanced characters, the players explore the lair of a green dragon.

Chapter 9: Monsters[]

A dreaded dracolich.

A brief list of monsters unique to this continent are introduced.

pack lizardriding lizardspitting crawlertwo-headed adderwinged vipertressymdeath tyrantdracolichkir-lananrothé (deep rothéghost rothésurface rothé)shade


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The following index only includes topics from the main chapters of the book. The two mini-adventures, "Color of Ambition" and "Green Bones", are indexed separately on their own subpages.

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AencarAlusair ObarskyrAlustrielAraumycosArrkArtemis EntreriAurandorBronnia StonesplitterCaladneiDrizzt Do'UrdenElaith CraulnoberEldenserElminsterFzoul ChembrylGaulauntyr "Glorytongue"Gerti OrelsdottrHadrhuneHalaster BlackcloakJezz the LameKhaliaKhelben ArunsunKing Obould Many-ArrowsKlauthLhaeo


arcane devoteearchmagebarbarianbardclericdivine championdivine discipledivine seekerdruidfighterguild thiefHarper scouthathranhierophant


Astral PlaneCity of JudgmentCynosureDawn HeraldsFive WanderersFugue Plane


aasimarbaatezubeholdersbaphitaurburied onescopper elvescreator racesdark elvesdeath tyrantdeep gnomesdracolichdrowduergardwarveselvesgenasighostwise halflingsgnomesgold dwarvesgray dwarvesgreen elveshalf-elveshalf-orcshalflingshumanskir-lananlightfoot halflings


AbbathorAerdrie FaenyaAkadiAngharradhAnhurAoArvoreenAurilAzuthBaervan WildwandererBahgtruBaneBaravar CloakshadowBerronar TruesilverBeshabaBildoobarisBrandobarisCallarduran SmoothhandsChaunteaClangeddin SilverbeardCorellon LarethianCyricCyrrollaleeDeep DuerraDeep SashelasDeneirDugmaren BrightmantleDumathoinEilistraeeEldathErevan IlesereFenmarel MestarineFinder WyvernspurFlandal SteelskinGaerdal IronhandGaragosGargauthGarl GlittergoldGebGhaunadaurGondGorm GulthynGrumbarGruumshGwaeron WindstromHaela BrightaxeHanali CelanilHathorHelmHoarHorus-ReIlmaterIlnevalIsisIstishiaJergalKelemvorKiaransaleeKossuthLabelas EnorethLaduguerLathanderLliiraLolthLoviatarLurueLuthic


Crown WarsFeast of the MoonGreengrassHighharvestide


Bodies of Water[]

Alamber SeaArkhen FallsArnadenAshaba, RiverBay of ChultDeepwashFire RiverFountains of MemoryGiant's ChaliceGlaemrilGreat SeaHighstar LakeIcelace LakeImmerseaInner SeaLake AshaneLake EredruieLake EsmelLake HalruaaLake SemberLake of SteamLake Thaylambar


Boareskyr Bridge


Abbey of the SwordArrowpointBounty of the GoddessCandlekeepCastle CragCastle GrimsteadCastle KragCastle PerilousCastle SpulzeerCastle WaterdeepDarkholdDragonspear CastleDurlag's TowerElminster's TowerEmmechFort ArranFort BeluarianGoldenfieldsHigh CastleIlmeth's ManorIron KeepIronfang Keep

Caverns & Mines[]

Bloodstone MinesCavern of DeathCaverns of the ClawsDelhallsEndless CavernsLaughing Hollow


AnaurochCalim Desert

Dungeons & Ruins[]

Aencar's ManorAscoreAsramAurandordoomBell in the DeepCrumbling StairCrypt of the WondermakersDalelostDread Lair of AlokkairDungeon of the CryptDungeon of DeathDungeon of the HarkDungeon of the RuinsDungeon of the SwordsGalath's RoostGhost HoldsHalls of Four GhostsHalls of the HammerHaunted Halls of EveningstarHellgate KeepHeroes' TombHidden HouseHlaungadathHoldfastHouse of StoneIronguardLhesperLonely TowerLyrar's Hold


Amtar, Forest ofArch WoodArdeep ForestAshenwoodBlack JunglesBorder ForestChondalwoodChult, jungles ofCloak WoodCold WoodCormanthorDire WoodDuskwoodEarthwoodFlooded ForestForest of MirForest of WyrmsForgotten ForestGray ForestGulthmere ForestHigh ForestHullack ForestJundarwoodjungles of ChultKing's ForestLethyr, Forest ofLluirwoodLong ForestLurkwood


AlaorAlaronEyes of SilvanusGwynneth

Marshland & Swamps[]

Adder SwampAkanamereBottomless BogsCold FieldDragonmereEvermoorsFarsea MarshesGlaun BogHigh MoorLizard MarshLonely Moor

Mountains & Hills[]

AkanapeaksAphrunn MountainsAzirrhatBlood HornCloud PeaksCloven MountainsCouncil HillsDagger HillsDeepwing MountainsDesertsmouth MountainsDragon's Run MountainsDragonjaw MountainsDragonspine MountainsDragonsword MountainsDun HillsEagle HillsEagles' EyrieEarthfast MountainsEarthspur MountainsFar HillsGalena MountainsGiant's Run MountainsGiantspiresGraycloak HillsGreypeak MountainsHaptooth HillHazuk MountainsLost Peaks

Other Locations[]

BezentilBloodstone PassChultan PeninsulaCity of the DeadDamaran GateDarkwatchDragonwallFell PassThe GatesGlacier of the White WormGrandfather TreeGreat GlacierHigh IceIce Run

Plains & Valleys[]

Arkhen ValeAshanathAt'ar's Looking GlassBarrowfieldsBattle of BonesThe BeltBlack Ash PlainCopper GulpDancing PlaceFarmeadowsFields of the DeadGolden PlainsGreen FieldsGreen LandsHidden ValeHorsefieldsImmil Vale


AglarondAltumbelAmnArchendaleAthalantarBattledaleCairnheimCalimshanChessentaChondathCormyrDaggerdaleDamaraDambrathDeep ShanatarDeepingdaleDelzounDurparEaerlannEstagundEvermeetFeatherdaleFree TownsGreat DaleGreat RiftHalruaaHarrowdaleHigh DaleHlondathIllefarnIltkazarImaskarJhaamdathKingdom of ManLantanLapaliiyaLuiren


Border KingdomsChultCold LandsDalelandsDeep RealmDeepwildDelhumideDragon CoastEltabbarElven CourtFaerûnFallen LandsGaurosHeartlandsHigh CountryHordelandsIcewind DaleImpilturIsland KingdomsKara-TurLabyrinthLandriseLands of IntrigueLapendrar


AirspurAkanaxAlaghônAlmraivenAmrutharAnauriaAnkhapurArabelArchenbridgeArrabarAsbravnAshabenfordAskavarAssamAthkatlaBaldur's GateBeluirBeorunna's WellBerduskBeregostBezanturBlackfeather BridgeBlingdenstoneBristarCaer CallidyrrCaer CorwellCalauntCalimportCedarsprokeChandlerscrossChethelCimbarCitadel AdbarCitadel FelbarrCitadel of the RavenCitadel of the White WormCorm OrpCrimmorDaerlunDagger FallsDaggerfordDarmshallDarromarDeadsnowsDhedlukDilpurEartheartElbulderElturelElventreeElversultEshpurtaEssembraEveningstarEvereskaFeather FallsFirehammer HallFurthinghomeGauntlgrymGheldanethGildengladeGlenGracklstughGriffon's NestHalagardHalarahhHammer and AnvilHapHeliogabalusHighcastleHighmoonHill's EdgeHillsafar HallHillsfarHlammachHlathHlondethHluthvarIlipurIljackIltkazar (city)ImmilmarInnarlithIriaeborIronspurJalantharKeczullaLeuthilsparLheshaylLlorkhLoudwaterLuskanLuthcheqLyrabar

Streets & Roads[]

Black RoadDark RoadGolden Way


adventurersafterlifeagriculture and industryanimalsapprenticesArt, theCalendar of HarptoscantonsChosen of MystraChultan weaponscircle magiccity lifecity-statesclass and stationclimatecoinagecommercecraft and engineeringDalereckoningDales Compactdead magicdruid circlesdungeonselven high magicempiresequipmentfamiliesflight of dragonsflora and faunaforms of addressfortificationsfrontiersgemsgovernmentinstruments, musicalkingdomslanguageslearning


Arcane BrotherhoodAuzkovynBatiriBedineCult of the DragonDales CouncilEmerald EnclaveFfolkFire KnivesHarpersHouse JaelreIron ThroneKnights of the ShieldKraken SocietyLords of WaterdeepLords' Alliance


  • Game Design: Ed Greenwood, Sean K. Reynolds, Skip Williams, Rob Heinsoo
  • Additional Design: James Wyatt
  • Developer: Richard Baker
  • Editors: Michele Carter, Julia Martin, John D. Rateliff
  • Editorial Assistance: Steve E. Schend
  • Managing Editor: Kim Mohan
  • Forgotten Realms Creative Director: Richard Baker
  • Director of RPG R&D: Bill Slavicsek
  • Brand Manager: Jim Butler
  • Category Manager: Keith Francis Strohm
  • Art Director: Robert Raper
  • Typographers: Angelika Lokotz, Sonya Percival
  • Forgotten Realms Logo Design: Robert Campbell, Sherry Floyd
  • Cover Design: Sherry Floyd, Robert Campbell, Robert Raper
  • Interior Artists: Todd Lockwood, Sam Wood, Matt Wilson, Carlo Arellano and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
  • Cartographers: Robert Lazzaretti, Todd Gamble, Dennis Kauth
  • Interior Design & Layout: Robert Campbell, Robert Roper
  • Additional Graphic Design: Sherry Floyd, Cynthia Fliege, Dee Barnett
  • Digi-Tech Specialist: Joe Fernandez
  • Business Manager: Anthony Valterra
  • Project Manager: Justin Ziran
  • Production Manager: Chas DeLong


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