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"Green Bones" is a short adventure module for high-level players set in an unspecified region of the Forgotten Realms and highlighting the lair of a dracolich.


In the Year of the Wave, 1364 DR, a green dragon named Azurphax was raided by a powerful band of dragonslayers, who succeeded in driving her from her lair and stealing some of her treasure. When they returned for a second portion of her horde, she was waiting for them and killed them all; however, they also left her severely injured. So wounded, she accepted an offer from the Cult of the Dragon to be made into a dracolich. This put Azurphax in the Cult's debt, which she ultimately regretted.[1]

By the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, Azurphax had been rebuilding her hoard and also actively enticing foolish adventures to try and steal her treausure only to capture them and make them her thralls. She had little to fear, for even if adventurers succeeded in slaying her body, the Cult could simply find a new one for her, since her phylactery was hidden away.[1]


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Cult of the Dragon


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