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The Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas (TSR11451) was developed by ProFantasy Software, the creators of Campaign Cartographer for TSR, Inc.. The developers created vector versions of the published maps for the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and included many new maps, including a globe of Abeir-Toril. There have been three updates published for the application that deliver over 800 maps. The maps were hyperlinked within a customized viewer, or could be accessed via an interactive globe.

The product was discontinued after selling through its entire print in its first year, perhaps because of an electronic rights transfer between Wizards of the Coast and Atari. It is still found to be purchased at prices over the original purchase price on eBay. The license to the software has now reverted to the publisher, although the maps and other rights are owned by Wizards of the Coast.


The entire planet of Abeir-Toril has been laid out before you with this completely interactive atlas.

Explore never-before-seen realms, sprawling cities, treacherous overland routes, perilous dungeons - or more than 500 maps from FORGOTTEN REALMS adventures.

Examine the maps of entire continents, or zoom in for local details. Players and DMs alike can print out every square foot, mile, and quadrant to accentuate their roleplaying adventures.

Everything is customizable. DMs can modify existing maps and add new levels of detail using the AD&D Core Rules Version 2.0 CD-ROM or ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer 2. The more than 500 new map symbols are available to use in your own maps as well.

Put the power of the FORGOTTEN REALMS Interactive Atlas at your disposal and see a new level of detail in your adventures.


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