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The Blocking policy is a loose codification of how and why blocks are implemented on the Forgotten Realms Wiki. The policy comprises two sections: a deliberately vague set of conduct guidelines, and a set of suggested measures for when these are violated.

These are in response to and build upon the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy suggested by FANDOM and are based on discussion on the forum.

Guidelines for Conduct[]

Be civil
Treat your fellow editors with respect. Do not abuse, harass, attack, impersonate, make derogatory statements, or otherwise try to make others have a bad time when contributing to the wiki.
Do not be disruptive
Do not vandalize. Do not insert nonsense or gibberish into pages. Do not remove content. Do not implement sweeping changes without prior discussion. Do not deviate from American English spelling and grammar. Do not arbitrarily or randomly alter categories. Do not add plagiarized or copyright-infringing content, including excessive rules information (crunch). Do not post spam. Do not evade blocks.
Respect policy
Adhere to established policies. Especially important are the plagiarism, no crunch, canon, and citing sources policies.


Blocks will be applied when malicious intent is suspected, to prevent edit-warring, and/or to limit disruption to the wiki. Note that these measures are merely guidelines. Administrators may use their own judgement and may choose to implement measures that are more or less severe on an individual basis. Also note that blocks are not intended as punishment, but as a way of protecting the wiki and its contributors.

Very mild infraction
User is contacted and informed.
Mild infraction
24-hour block.
Medium infraction
Three-day block.
Severe infraction
Seven-day block.
Repeated severe infractions
1-year to indefinite block.

Finally, administrators reserve the right to block users for a short amount of time (2 hours to 1 day) to save the blocked user unnecessary effort or pause their activity if there is a problem. This is to give the administrator time to contact the user and resolve an issue. The block will be lifted once the user has responded and the issue is resolved.

Appealing a Block[]

Users will not be blocked from editing their own Talk pages, so that they may discuss or resolve an issue or appeal a block. If this privilege is abused (such as erasing messages or continuing harassment or disruptions on the Talk page), the block may be expanded to include the Talk page.