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Fan Art on the Forgotten Realms Wiki[edit source]

This wiki strives to be a source for canon information about the Forgotten Realms. Images from any source—official or otherwise—are not considered canon unless supported by the text but are treated as an individual artist's interpretation and used for illustrative purposes only. While an official image, when available, is always preferred over fan art, on some occasions, a fan's interpretation may be valuable as an illustration of an article's topic. Therefore, while this wiki discourages most fan art, it does not ban it outright. Official artwork—even that which contradicts canon lore—is always permitted on the wiki, (though such contradictions should be noted); fan art is held to a higher standard for acceptance on the wiki, as described below.

Policy Background[edit source]

Much of this topic was debated on our community forum. This policy attempts to outline the general consensus at which the community arrived.

Requirements[edit source]

  • All fan art must be labeled as such explicitly in the caption, e.g., "Fan art of a foo creature." The image file page must be categorized with Category:Fan art.
  • The artist's name should not be provided in the captions on article pages—we are not an advertisement for artists. Rather, artists are acknowledged using the {{Information}} template on the file's page.
  • Images must be fully consistent with canonical, textual descriptions. They must contain no explicit "homebrewed" content. This policy includes maps.
  • Images from other settings or gaming systems is not permitted. All art must be related to the Forgotten Realms.
  • Fan art should be suitable for all audiences and avoid provocative content. Nudity and/or excessive gore are not allowed.
  • Fan art in the form of animated .gif files or videos is not permitted, except through special agreement with this community, (e.g., Faerûn History on YouTube.)
  • If the text of an article is already "broken up" by official art, fan art should be displayed in a "Gallery" section in the appendix of an article. It may not be featured in an infobox unless no officially published artwork is available.
  • Reproductions of symbols and flags for purposes of clarity are welcome.
  • Images must be of comparable quality to that of published artwork. Cartoonish styles of art are strongly discouraged. (Obviously, quality is subjective. See our Rejection Policy below.)

External Links[edit source]

As an alternative to uploading and linking a fan art image, consider using an external link to the image or gallery of images instead in the appendix.

Rejection Policy[edit source]

Admins may reject any fan art image that they feel violates the requirements above.

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