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Featured articles on the Forgotten Realms WikiEdit

The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best the Forgotten Realms Wiki has to offer. At present, there are 23 featured articles, of a total of 32,452 articles on the wiki. Articles that no longer meet the criteria can be added to the cleanup list and be proposed for removal from the list in the forum.


A featured article should be:

The article should give most everything about the subject. There should be a complete depiction from the standard sources. Common and important information should also appear. It doesn't have to be utterly exhaustive, with every tidbit from every obscure source, but there should be some little tidbits of lore to spice it up and surprise the expert FR fan.
It should be directly related to the Realms, and even if its on a generic topic, every part of it should have a strong Realms connection.
We should be able to confirm that every fact presented is true and accurate. That goes hand-in-hand with...
The article should be fully referenced.
The article should be fully formatted in wiki article style, and sectioned out and infoboxed, with past tense, in-universe style, and good English text.
The article should be on a reasonably well-known topic that ties into the larger setting, comes from multiple sources, or is just famous to readers. It's easy to make a quality article on an obscure single-source topic, but I think we should try to bring sources together. Note that this allows for famous single-source characters, for example, but I expect people will want to see them anyway.
A medium-to-long article demonstrates completeness, and short ones are too easy to make good.
Pictures and separate quotes really spice up the article, breaking up walls of text, and make it look good. It also stands out on the main page.
It should demonstrate all our practices, policies, templates and wiki code to budding editors. It should also demonstrate our usefulness to players and DMs (for example, presenting a fully developed community to play in or NPC to deal with).

Approval ProcessEdit

To nominate an article for Featured Article status, add it to the list at Nominated Feature Articles using the provided template on that page.

Interested users should leave their vote by including their signature (~~~~) in the appropriate field (For or Against) for that nominee and update the Vote field accordingly.

An article that reaches at least 3 votes in favor, including one administrator vote, will be promoted to featured article status.

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