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Good articles on the Forgotten Realms WikiEdit

Good articles of the wiki are those articles that are considered accurate, trustworthy, and of high quality. They might not cover the full spectrum of a topic in the Realms, but what they do cover is correct and well-presented.


A good article should be:

We should be able to confirm that every fact presented is true and accurate. It must not have {{Fact}} or {{Factcheck}} tags.
The article should be fully referenced. It must not have {{Unreferenced}} or {{Nofootnotes}} tags.
The article should be fully formatted in wiki article style and sectioned out and infoboxed, if appropriate, with at least one image, if appropriate. (For example, if a promotional image exists for the topic, it should be present in the article.)
It is not found in the list of articles needing attention, nor does it have a {{Cleanup}} tag. It should have been copy-edited by at least one other editor than the article creator.
Nearly complete 
While it does not need to be as complete as a Feature Article, it must not have any {{Stub}} or {{Incomplete}} tags. It might not cover every edition, but it should be complete from the source(s) used and able to stand on its own as an article.
It holds to all of the policies decided on by our community, as listed here. It should demonstrate all our practices, policies, templates, and wiki code to budding editors.

Approval ProcessEdit

To nominate an article for Good Article status, add the category Category:Good article nominees.

Any user may then add the following to the Talk page of the article, adding yes or no after each field:

==Good Article status==
; Correct : 
; Referenced : 
; Formatted : 
; Clean : 
; Nearly complete : 
; Policy-adherent/Demonstrative : 

If the list contains all yeses, any administrator may then add the {{GA}} template to the top of the article and remove the Category:Good article nominees category.

There are no votes required; any article that passes the listed qualifications is simply considered a good article.

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