Use specific dates wherever you can on the Forgotten Realms Wiki. The wiki is a collection of Realms-based information, including certain events that occurred at a specific time in Realms history. However, there is no "current date" in the Realms on this wiki, because for each novel reader, it depends on what novel they are reading. For each DM and player, it depends on the date of their particular campaign. If the wiki fixed a specific date as the "current date", the constant advancement of the Realms would mean that many articles would have to be updated reguarly as the timeline continues.

Instead of assuming a current date, the wiki should provide absolute, clear dates so that the reader can interpret them. Avoid statements like "in the past few months" or "as of late" because these assume a specific date is being used as a reference point. Instead, use statements like "in the months up to Tarsakh 1370 DR" or "as of 1354 DR". Sometimes a date is not known, so in some cases it is unavoidable to write "in the past", but be as specific as possible.

You reach this page when you use the {{timescale}} template.

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