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Forgotten Realms Wiki (FR-wiki) is, for the most part, crunch-free. Crunch is a slang term for rules, statistics and figures in Dungeons & Dragons, as opposed to fluff, which is text describing the game world and its elements.

Crunch is not banned entirely, but statistic blocks and most other game-based statistics should be left out, in favour of descriptive text to the same effect. FR-wiki infoboxes can contain certain crunch such as:

  • Character level
  • Character class

Acceptable crunch found within the body of the article can contain:

  • Spell names
  • Magical item names
  • Basic magic item properties, such as +3 (for the purposes of comparison)

There are plenty of sources on the Internet for gaining crunch, so it is not necessary to duplicate crunch from the standard reference documents or any source material (potentially infringing copyright), but rather links can be provided to such content instead. The focus of the wiki is on providing an encyclopedic reference to Forgotten Realms people, places, and life, rather than acting as a gaming manual.

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