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Unlike Wikipedia, which has millions of articles and hundreds of thousands of editors, FR-Wiki has only a handful of editors, so it's not necessary to have the comprehensive guidelines and policies that might be found there. Instead, there are some general guidelines and policies that you should try to follow because they will help to keep some kind of conformity throughout the wiki, and to ensure that everyone is acting in good faith.

Scope of policies[]

Policies are not unchangeable and not totally comprehensive. If you do not follow a specific policy, it is not the end of the world, but it means that someone will probably change your edits at some point in the future.

Suggesting a new policy[]

Please create a new page, using the name of your policy as the page title, and begin it with the {{proposal}} template. This will automatically put it into the appropriate categories. Then write up your proposal, inviting people to discuss it on the article's talk page.

Using the proposal[]

You can begin doing the things you have described in your proposal right away, unless they contradict an established policy, or involve making a vast number of drastic edits (such as renaming all pages to upper case, for example). In these situations you should wait until either the proposal is approved, or there is a discussion on the proposal's talk page.

Making proposal into policy[]

Provided there are no objections on the proposal's talk page, after two weeks you can replace the {{proposal}} template with the {{policy}} template. Add a brief note to the article's talk page to say that you have made this into policy.

Disputes or discussions[]

Any issues should be resolved before the proposal becomes policy, even if the two weeks have elapsed. Although it's probably not necessary to get into voting and democracy here (because it's assumed everyone is working towards the single goal of providing the best possible FR-Wiki and the team of editors is small), you should try to avoid stepping on anyone's toes by ignoring their opposition to a particular proposal.

Changing existing policy[]

Please make your suggestions for changes on the relevant policy's talk page. Add the {{change policy}} template to the main policy article, so that everyone knows of your intention to change it. If there are no objections after two weeks, change the policy. Otherwise, attempt to reach a resolution on the talk page. Where disputes exist, the policy should remain unchanged.

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