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The Forgotten Realms Wiki is an encyclopedia covering the richly detailed high fantasy world of the Realms. Created in the mind of Ed Greenwood almost four decades ago, it has been the setting for vibrant computer games such as Baldur's Gate II and Neverwinter Nights and almost two hundred novels from authors as talented as R.A. Salvatore, Douglas Niles and Elaine Cunningham. It has spawned great heroes like Drizzt Do'Urden and Elminster, and inspired countless pen and paper games of Dungeons & Dragons.

With source material spanning a full two decades, a complete encyclopedia of the Forgotten Realms has never before been attempted on this scale. With a quickly growing article count of over 2500, accuracy is vital to the project in order to stay faithful to the incredibly detailed world and provide an indispensible reference for players, DMs and fans alike.
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Features of the Forgotten Realms wiki include;

  • Interactive maps of Faerûn and its cosmological planes.
  • Ever-expanding timeline of the Realms' lengthy history.
  • Extensive citation project, to not only provide accurate information, but also to help readers find the products they could be interested in.
  • Illustrations for hundreds of articles.
  • Recently hit 2000 articles, through the work of a few dedicated quickly growing team of editors.
  • User-friendly Portals to ease topical navigation.

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