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The scope of the project should be dictated by the major ways in which it will be used. These might include:

  • A DM researching information while writing a campaign.
  • A player discovering more information on a topic to enhance their character.
  • A novel reader looking for more information on a specific topic.

Real-world topics in the Realms[edit source]

For example, an article on Elms should detail where to find elms in the Realms, any difference in their appearance from their real-world counterparts, and what their wood is used for in the Realms. It would be beyond the scope of the project to provide all but the most basic real-world elm-related details, and a link should be provided to the Wikipedia article instead.

Core rules and elements[edit source]

These are game elements universal to D&D rather than Realms-specific, such as fighter or axe. As above, the article should contain a basic description, but then Realms-specific details on the topic, and a link or reference to more generic information or further reading. Two Dungeons & Dragons wikis, and, aim to provide such information for D&D core elements and elements from different campaign settings. Dragonlance Wiki, Eberron Wiki, the Great Library of Greyhawk, and Spelljammer Wiki, take care of their specific settings.

Stubby articles versus lists[edit source]

For topics on which it is only possible to write a few paragraphs, the question is as to whether to give them each an article, or whether to create a longer article with sections on each topic. The main reason for giving each topic its own article is that they can then be categorized as separate entities. For example, despite there only being a small amount of information on each of the Ten Towns, by combining all of this information in one article, you would be removing the ability to have one entry for each town in the categories.

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