Fort Beluarian was a trade fort in northern Chult that was run by the Flaming Fist[4] on behalf of the city-state of Baldur's Gate.[3]


Fort Beluarian was located on the northern tip of Chult, northeast of Port Nyanzaru and near the eastern shore of the Bay of Chult.[6]


The fort was a place of refuge for weary explorers or adventurers as a last resort, at least for a night or two.[1]


The fort was well supplied and well defended against the monsters of the jungle.[4]

Jousting TournamentsEdit

In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, jousting tournaments were held in Fort Beluarian once a month, and lesser bouts occurred when enough people had time off or when two Flaming Fist members had an issue to settle between them. Tethyrian soldiers stationed at Fort Beluarian brought their chivalric panoply and pageantry with them but combined it with a jungle aesthetic to create something unique. Jousters in Chult wore leopard-skin tabards, dinosaur-themed heraldry, helmets shaped like snarling panthers or swooping pteranodons, and armor bedecked with tyrannosaurus teeth and parrot feathers. Wealthy merchants from Port Nyanzaru sometimes made the journey to attend the jousting tournaments. They camped around the fort in colorful pavilions and placed outrageous bets on the outcomes of matches. The main reason horses were kept at the fort was for jousting.[5]


Following the discovery of Maztica in 1361 DR, Duke Eltan, leader of the Flaming Fist mercenary company, was taken by an urge to explore. Among other ventures, he financed an expedition to Chult in 1364 DR[note 1] consisting of three ships and 150 men, led by the officers Beluarion and Nenon. Despite hiring six experienced elven guides to ease their passage in the Chultan jungle, more than half the expedition was lost, including Beluarion. The surviving expedition members founded Fort Beluarian, named for their fallen commander.[7]

Under Nenon's leadership, the fort's garrison took on the local batiri tribes, and otherwise made itself available for hire for any non-evil venture.[4]

By 1479 DR, the fort was still manned and operated by the Flaming Fist, but ownership had ceded to the city of Baldur's Gate itself, and its population had swelled to a thousand inhabitants. In the near-century since its founding, the fort had been lost twice to native uprisings but was retaken each time. Amn expressed interest in purchasing the fort, but it was suspected their motive was to close it down to drive more trade towards their own colony of Port Nyanzaru, effectively giving them a trade monopoly.[3]

By the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the fort was ruled by Commander Liara Portyr, who was in league with pirates based out of Jahaka Anchorage. In exchange for information on ships coming to and from Port Nyanzaru, the pirates agreed to never attack ships flying the flag of Baldur's Gate. Liara received a cut of the pirates' profits, some of which went toward paying bonuses to her garrison to keep the soldiers happy.

At this time, the Flaming fist demanded that explorers buy charters granting permission to explore Chult and plunder its riches. However, the holder of such a charter was also required to turn over half of any expedition's proceeds to the Flaming Fist. In addition, those who purchased a charter could hire up to six Flaming Fist mercenaries to accompany them for 1 gp per tenday each. If the Flaming Fist encountered an expedition without a charter, it would attack the expedition and confiscate its gear.[5]


The Flaming Fist would hire out its mercenaries from the fort for the right price, provided the task was not evil. In the late 14th century DR, the outpost was home to a small assortment of rangers, wizards, clerics, and rogues and numerous fighters.[4]

By the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the garrison consisted of a castellan named Gruta Halsdottir, three corporals, and fifty-four privates. A handful of Lords' Alliance operatives inhabited the garrison. The Emerald Enclave had expert guides stationed there as well, including the druid Qawasha.[5]



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