The Fortress of Jorhat, or Jorhat Citadel,[1] was a fortification located in the Hordelands.[2]


The ruins of this fortress sat halfway up the mountain of Jorhat Shan.[2]


Though a mess of ruins, the Fortress of Jorhat covered several acres of the mountainside. Tightly packed buildings, alleys, and walls were in various state of disrepair. Much of them had collapsed and tumbled down the steep cliff faces.[2]


Many tunnels and passageways were carved into the rock beneath the fortress, most of which were only accessible from the ruins.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Locals believed the fortress was initially constructed by rebels engaged in a conflict with Mulhorand, serving as their main base from which they executed raids through the Howling Gap and Teyla Shan. The rebels were eventually cornered by a force of wizards, priests, and soldiers and were slaughtered to the last man.[2]


Most sane people avoided the ruins of the Fortress of Jorhat. Passing caravans on the Iron Road hurried quickly by the mass of crumbling buildings, choosing to camp far from the ruins which were believed to be haunted.[2] The rumor was true; the citadel was indeed haunted by the nightwalker Mardava, a former Imaskari artificer from ancient past.[4]



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