The Fortress of the Five Vultures was a castle in the city of Calaunt in the Vast. Calauntans jokingly called it "the Sevensroost".[1]


It lay on the eastern end of Calaunt, and was the largest structure in the city. It was a massive baronial-style castle. The fortress was joined by a weathered, flying stone bridge to the Keep of the Scepter.[1]


During the 14th century DR, the fortress served as the headquarters of the Supreme Scepter and the Merchant Dukes, as well as a barracks and jail.[1]


Prior to Calaunt's rise as a city, it was held by a band of robber-barons. They constructed the Fortress of the Five Vultures, and it was named for them.

Around the 1330s DR, Bellas's Band, an adventuring company, took over Calaunt, and occupied the Fortress as their headquarters. Thereafter, locals called it "the Sevensroost".[1]


Supreme Scepter Bellas Thanatar dwelled in the Keep of the Scepter. The Merchant Dukes lived in palatial houses close to the fortress.[1]

The wizards Thogaf and Yrlamar were once held in the dungeons below the fortress for a long time.[2]


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