Fortunate fate was a powerful divine spell that was used to save an individual's life in times of peril. It was used by clerics of the Tymoran faith.[2]


By casting fortunate fate, a Tymoran cleric placed a contingent, protective aura upon a single living being. If that individual was harmed to the point they would die, the aura activated and healed them of any damage or ill effects. The recipient would not even lose consciousness and were rid of any diseases, harmful parasites, and charm effects that had been placed upon them.[2]

The spell failed if it was cast upon an evil person or creature.[2]


Throughout history, Tymoran clergy members were directed to only cast fortunate fate upon those who shared the moral outlook and guiding principles that the faith held. It was considered sacrilegious to bestow the spell's aura upon anyone else, unless they were championing Tymora's cause or aiding her servants.[2]

Periodically, some Tymoran priests have cast fortunate fate on certain "unworthy" individuals for a hefty donation to their temples. This amount was typically greater than 100,000 gp.[2]

The specifications of this spell appeared upon the Flame of the Spirit when it assumed its tablet form.[3]


This spell required verbal and somatic components in order to be cast.[2]



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