A fortune candle was a special magic item made by mystics in the Realms. It granted the subject(s) a modicum of luck (similar to a luckstone) when the vagaries of life could not be avoided.[1]


Fortune candles were green in color and intended to be burned in ten-minute intervals. The longest-lasting candle that could be manufactured burned for ninety minutes. This was the sixth type of candle mystics learned to make when studying candle magic.[1]


After burning for the desired amount of time and then being extinguished (either by blowing, snuffing, dousing, or reaching the end of its wick), this candle granted a small amount of good luck that lasted one day for every ten minutes the candle was allowed to burn. The recipient(s) enjoyed slightly better odds when dodging falling flowerpots, avoiding slippery mud, crafting items, testing their abilities, resisting hostile magic, or performing feats of skill that were not related to combat. Adventurers under the influence of this candle could give themselves an advantage when using games of chance (like drawing the short straw, flipping a coin, or rolling the highest number using dice) to determine distribution of treasure. Interestingly, if they were feeling magnanimous, they could choose to lower their odds by the same amount and put themselves at a slight disadvantage.[1]

The subject(s) had to remain within ten feet (three meters) of the burning candle for the entire time it was lit and when it was extinguished, or that application of the candle was wasted.[1]


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