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We have two categories here on the wiki for articles that need citations: Category:Articles lacking sources for articles that have no sources listed whatsoever, and Category:Articles in need of citations, for articles with at least one unsourced statement. At the moment, there are 260 articles in the former and 234 in the latter. There is also Category:Articles lacking in-text citations, in which there are 83 articles right now. I think we've done pretty well to provide accurate references in our articles, but obviously I'd like ultimately to aim to reduce the number of articles in all these categories to zero.

Now that the wiki has in excess of 5,000 articles, personally I feel like we're in a position to focus on quality over quantity. At the moment, anyone can add information on any article, sourced or not, and if unsourced, we generally just stick a {{unreferenced}} or {{fact}} template on it. When, if ever, do you think that we will be in a position to reject any new information on the wiki unless it is sourced? This is purely for new information though; I'm not suggesting we go through 5,000 articles stripping out all unsourced statements!

Fw190a8 23:42, 4 January 2009 (UTC)
I'm not sure 5,000 plus articles is a lot of quantity. There are tons of articles about the Cormyr, but Sembia is just about blank. And tons of Baldur's Gate video game stuff fills the articles too. So how would you reject an article? If the person who did the edit listed no source? It's it OK if they do the lazy edit and just slap the further reading reference at the bottom of the page? Or only keep the article if they do it the right way with the in text citations to a reference page number?
(Bloodtide 02:03, 5 January 2009 (UTC))
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