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[Spoiler on the Pirate King and the Neverwinter Series]

Hello fellow forum-fans for forgotten Realms,

I've recently researched a bit on the ashmadai and read that "before the cataclysm of neverwinter Valindra Shadowmantle was the ruler of Thay" which the Ashmadai believed to have the rod of asmodeus.

I think i remember reading The Pirate King of RA Salvatore and Valindra being just a Master of the Hosttower in the Arcane in Luskan and being insane after being turned into a Lich. Afterward she was recruited by Szass Tam and involved into the Cataclysm of Neverwinter - **but not the RULER OF THAY**.

Still I haven't read any books on Thay and Szass Tam and do not have the Neverwinter Campaign Setting referenced in the foot notes... Therefore do not know if any contradicting lore is presented in other books than I've read... but the article on the Ashmadai seems false . 

I am not really around in this forum but i do like and appreciate all the information provided here verry much, and so decided to drop this message. Maybe someone knowing a bit more than I do might look at the article and fix that bit to maybe "Szass Tam" or the real ruler of Thay if that is indeed a mistake.

Kind regards,


2A02:810D:4440:1204:2442:AE84:513E:8BA2 19:55, September 13, 2019 (UTC)

You're right, Valindra Shadowmantle was never the ruler of Thay. The confusion comes about from them both having owned the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus, though at different times. Valindra revealed that she owned it after Sylora Salm was no longer in charge of leading the Ashmadai, and many of the Ashmadai decided to follow Valindra. However, Szass Tam later got the magical rod back. Good spot, and I've changed the article.

Possessed Priest (talk) 21:13, September 13, 2019 (UTC)
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