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As a direct follow-on from the successful Baldur's Gate 3 & Descent into Avernus joint project, this project aims to document the lore or related lore of the upcoming game, Baldur's Gate III. Even if you are not interested in this game, or video games in general, it could give you an opportunity to expand relevant articles (I'm looking at you, Spelljammer and Planescape fans!). As with the previous project, developing these topics beforehand will make the wiki a fantastic reference for D&D players and video gamers alike.

Many of the major topics have already been overhauled during the last project (such as the city of Baldur's Gate) or are already in great condition (such as Selûne). However, many minor topics do not even have a page, or they simply need a citation or two added. Most of what we know so far is included on the Baldur's Gate III page, so please feel free to expand or create some of these articles.

As in the previous post: The aim is to ensure that all the following articles exist on the wiki, are in good shape, and are more-or-less complete and up-to-date. Simply pick one, declare it, work it up as best you can, and confirm it here. If there's anything that should appear, feel free to add or suggest it. If there's no reason to include it, say that also.

Pages in need of attention (cleanup, lacking citations, expansion etc) or creation are:

Player Characters
Non-Player Characters, Archdevils, & Gods
Bodies of Water
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